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Wireless Internet Access at the Rosendale Cafe

Wireless Internet Access at the Rosendale Cafe    Surf the web...

   Do some work...

    Have a business
    lunch meeting.

... all in the Cafe's relaxed setting,

We invite you to come in, and set yourself down with your laptop or PDA. Whether you want to get your school or business work done in a conducive setting, have a casual business lunch meeting, or to just play around, the Rosendale Cafe is a great environment for being productive. Think of it as a library with great food and a warm, upbeat energy.

The 802.11b signal reaches throughout the indoor and garden serving areas. Almost any Wireless / AirPort device will work.

Technical specs you probably won't need to know: The Service Set Identifier (SSID) is "RosendaleCafe". DHCP service is provided in the 192.168.1.XXX address range.

Some notes about personal computing device usage

In order to respect others and maintain the comfortable atmosphere of the Cafe, we request that you mute the audio of your portable device or wear headphones.

Please refrain from using devices during our musical performances. We also ask that you not occupy a table for too long when the Cafe is full.

Please do not consume all of our available bandwidth. The Cafe offers this service to allow casual internet access. Large downloading and uploading will affect other users, so we ask that you try to keep your access limited to browsing, email, and similar uses.

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